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This isn't one of those cry-for-attention things, I legitimately feel like there is just nothing left here for me anymore. I bought premium, I've tried all there is to try, I've attempted to start taking commissions, I have arranged and re-arranged my space but this just feels like an unwelcoming environment for me. Too much inappropriate content being forced into my space via the "More from DeviantART" tab, too many unnecessary changes, too much corporate white noise.
DA has become a lot less about art and more about social media in the past few years, and that's not okay with me; so I guess it's about time to pack it up and seek a more constructive place to continue my art career.

I'm debating whether or not to deactivate my account- I don't feel comfortable allowing people to see and potentially use my work without my permission.. But I might just take some measures to hide my work and still have the account around in case I want to check up on it.

Anyway, just letting my watchers know that I won't be submitting here anymore. You can find me on tumblr, where I can modify my space based on my needs and desires. I also have an account on FanFiction.Net and Archive of our Own where I post fiction works intermittently.

I also play Minecraft (WayfaringNomad), World of Warcraft (ChairThief#2620), and Lord of the Rings Online (Vinthraas and Tolthro on the Landroval server, Folnur on the Laurelin server) if anyone ever wants to play with me.

It's sort of bittersweet to be moving on- I mean this is over seven years worth of my artistic development and friendships made along the way. But to grow you have to learn to let go, I guess.
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